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Our Joplin oral myofunctional therapy isn’t just a treatment — it’s a comprehensive approach to revitalizing your smile and well-being. We combine our deep knowledge of holistic and functional dentistry with a family-oriented touch, ensuring you receive only the best care.

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Comprehensive care, personalized payment

Navigating healthcare payments can be tricky. As an out-of-network practice, we facilitate direct payments from your provider, simplifying the process.

No insurance? Rest easy. Our in-house savings plan and flexible financing options through Proceed Finance and CareCredit ensure you get the care you need.

What to Expect

When you come to your myofunctional therapy appointment, we will:

  • RConduct an in-depth oral and facial analysis.
  • RDiscuss your specific concerns and goals.
  • RCustomize a therapy plan tailored to your needs.
  • RUse advanced techniques for optimal results.

Benefits of Myofunctional Therapy

Better breathing

Stabilized jaw function

Clarity in speech

Overall wellness

Myofunctional Therapy Explained

Joplin oral myofunctional therapy focuses on improving the function and coordination of facial muscles, particularly those involving the tongue, lips, and jaws. By using a series of exercises, techniques, and appliances, we address and correct oral muscular imbalances that can lead to issues such as improper tongue posture, breathing problems, speech difficulties, and even sleep apnea.

Our purpose is to create and maintain healthy habits that promote excellent facial and oral health.

New Patients, Welcome!



I love this dental office! Dr. Roberts and his staff are so kind. I’m filled with gratitude that they are always eager to help me when I need it.

Is this treatment for you?

Anyone experiencing sleep disorders, speech irregularities, or difficulties in swallowing could benefit from our Joplin oral myofunctional therapy. Especially if you’re interested in a comprehensive approach to health.

Ultimate Comfort

Experience a spa-like setting with the calming essence of aromatherapy and plush pillows.

A Comforting Dental Experience

Lie back and enjoy your favorite shows as our team helps you live a healthier life.

Advanced Dental Innovations

We remain one step ahead, incorporating the latest developments and techniques for effective and efficient care.


Is the therapy painful?

No, myofunctional therapy is non-invasive and painless. It mainly involves exercises and techniques to strengthen and coordinate your oral and facial muscles. Some patients may initially experience mild muscle soreness, just like when you start a new exercise routine.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies based on your needs and the severity of your situation. Typically, patients may need regular sessions over several months to achieve optimal results.

What are Myo Munchee and Myobrace appliances?

These orthodontic devices help improve oral and facial development in children.

    • Myo Munchee is a soft appliance that promotes proper tongue posture and swallowing patterns.
    • Myobrace are removable dental devices designed to correct issues like crooked teeth and encourage proper jaw and muscle growth.

Can children undergo Myofunctional Therapy?

Absolutely! Myofunctional therapy is suitable for both adults and children. Addressing and correcting oral muscular issues early on by using treatments like Myo Munchee and Myobrace appliances can prevent more severe problems in the future.


Smiles we love to share



I went in with a huge dental fear, but I received the best care I’ve ever had. Dr. Roberts was very gentle! I will definitely keep this dentist, and his team was great too!



Such an incredible dentist office! Everyone is so friendly and really took their time during our appointment. I felt free to ask any questions throughout the visit. They were so great with my 6 year old. And the monthly plan makes dental care really affordable, even without insurance. We can’t wait to get our whole family started.



It was the first time I ever left the dentist office and texted my wife, "I absolutely loved my time at the dentist today." The atmosphere was soothing and relaxing; the staff was professional and considerate. I have found my dentist home and it's not even close.

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