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Anxious about visiting the dentist? It’s completely natural to feel anxiety before getting dental treatment. At Roberts Integrative Dentistry, we understand this and prioritize your comfort. We offer oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide sedation options to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible.

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Comfortable treatments you can afford

As an out-of-network practice, we’re happy to accept direct payments from your insurance provider. Don’t have insurance? Benefit from our in-house savings plan and flexible financing options through Proceed Finance and CareCredit.

Reach out to our friendly team to explore our payment options. We’ve got you covered!

What to Expect

Oral sedation involves taking medication by mouth, and nitrous oxide (often called “laughing gas”) is inhaled through a mask. Under these gentle sedation methods, you will feel at ease, allowing us to provide you with the care you need for a healthy smile.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry




Safe &

A Smooth Recovery

After your dental procedure with sedation, you’ll be closely monitored as the effects wear off. You might feel a bit drowsy, but this is completely normal. Remember to have a friend or family member accompany you, as you shouldn’t drive for the rest of the day. Rest at home, and you’ll soon be back to your normal self!

New Patients, Welcome!



I love this dental office! Dr. Roberts and his staff are so kind. I’m filled with gratitude that they are always eager to help me when I need it.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, have a low pain threshold, need extensive dental work, or have a strong gag reflex, sedation may be an ideal choice for you. We can use it for many types of procedures —- from routine cleanings to restorative treatments.

As your trusted Joplin oral sedation dentist, Dr. Roberts is here to provide you with a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience.

Enjoy Your Visit

Indulge in a spa-like atmosphere with soothing aromatherapy, cozy pillows, and more.

Sit Back and Relax

Tune into your favorite shows while our skilled team works its magic.

Cutting-edge Technology

We stay at the forefront of technological advancements to ensure efficiency and comfort.


Is oral sedation safe?

Yes! Our Joplin oral sedation dentist uses safe and well-established sedation techniques to ensure your comfort and safety.

How long does the sedation effect last?

The duration of sedation varies, but rest assured — you’ll remain comfortable and relaxed during your entire dental visit.

Will I be completely unconscious during oral sedation?

No, you’ll be in a deeply relaxed state, conscious enough to respond to our team’s instructions but free from anxiety.

Can I eat or drink before my sedation appointment?

We recommend fasting for a few hours before your procedure, but we’ll provide specific instructions prior to your visit.


Smiles we love to share



I went in with a huge dental fear, but I received the best care I’ve ever had. Dr. Roberts was very gentle! I will definitely keep this dentist, and his team was great too!



Such an incredible dentist office! Everyone is so friendly and really took their time during our appointment. I felt free to ask any questions throughout the visit. They were so great with my 6 year old. And the monthly plan makes dental care really affordable, even without insurance. We can’t wait to get our whole family started.



It was the first time I ever left the dentist office and texted my wife, "I absolutely loved my time at the dentist today." The atmosphere was soothing and relaxing; the staff was professional and considerate. I have found my dentist home and it's not even close.

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